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pidgin English

Spoken in: Equatorial Guinea

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Haitian Creole-english/English-haitian Creole Dictionary and Phrasebook (Dictionary) by Charmant Theodore

Verb Phrase Patterns in Black English and Creole by Walter F. Edwards

Da Kine Dictionary by Lee A. Tonouchi

Creole Discourse: Exploring Prestige Formation and Change Across Caribbean English-Lexicon Creoles (Creole Language Library)

Urban Jamaican Creole: Variation in the Mesolect (Varieties of English Around the World General Series) by Peter Patrick

Broken English: The Creole Language of Carriacou (Studies in Ethnolinguistics, Vol. 6) by Ronald F. Kephart

Lonely Planet Papua, New Guinea Phrasebook (Lonely Planet Sinhala Phrasebook) by John Hunter

Nigerian Pidgin in Lagos: Language contact, variation and change in an African urban setting by Dagmar Deuber

The Genesis of Discourse Grammar: Universals and Substrata in Guyanese, Hawaii Creole English by Hirokuni Masuda

A new course in Tok Pisin (New Guinea Pidgin) (Languages for intercultural communication in the Pacific area project of the Australian Academy of the Humanities) by Thomas Edward Dutton

Due Respect: Essays on English and English-Related Creoles in the Caribbean in Honour of Professor Robert Le Page by Pauline Christie

A History of English Negation (Longman Linguistics Library) by Gabriella Mazzon

Das Kanton-Englisch: Ein Pidginidiom als Beispiel fur ein soziolinguistisches Kulturkontaktphanomen (Forum Anglicum) by Anton Bauer

The Habitat of Australia's Aboriginal Languages: Past, Present and Future (Trends in Linguistics: Studies and Monographs 179) (Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs)

Language and Dialect in Hawaii: A Sociolinguistic History to 1935 by John E. Reinecke