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pidgin English

Spoken in: Equatorial Guinea

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Haitian Creole English French Dictionary (Volume 1) by Albert Valdman

Say it as it is!: Learn to speak Hawaiian, plus Island pidgin and hanai words : authentic easy pronunciations by MeneHune

Pidgin English proverbs (African language monograph) by Gilbert D Schneider

Melanesian pidgin English, short grammar and vocabulary,: With grammatical introduction, (Special publications of the Linguistic Society of America) by Robert Anderson Hall

Trends in Cameroon Pidgin English lexicology: A study of anglophone speech by T Menang

Melanesian Pidgin English: Grammar, Texts, Vocabulary by Robert Anderson Hall

English-Pidgin-French phrase book and sports dictionary by Andras Balint

The book of pidgin English,: Being (1) a grammar and notes (2) an outline of pidgin English (3) a pidgin English-English dictionary (4) an English-pidgin English dictionary by John Joseph Murphy

Ostrom's Languages of the Pacific;: Words and phrases in Pidgin English (New Guinea, Solomon islands, and the Bismarck archipelago) Polynesian (Hawaii ... Moro (Sulu archipelago, Philippine group) by Frank Edison Ostrom

Social and Linguistic History of Nigerian Pidgin English: As Spoken by the Yoruba With Special Reference to the English Derived Lexicon by Anna Barbag-Stoll

Vocabulary of Rotokas-Pidgin-English by Irwin Firchow

West African Pidgin-English;: A descriptive linguistic analysis with texts and glossary from the Cameroon area by Gilbert D Schneider

Pidgin English: Hawaii's unique resource by Richard R Day

Pidgin and Creole Languages: Selected essays by Hugo Schuchardt by Schuchardt Hugo

Book of Pidgin English (Reprint) by John J. Murphy