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Spoken in: Taiwan

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Spoken Taiwanese by Nicholas C. Bodman

A Case Study of Seven Taiwanese English as a Foreign Language Freshman Non-English Majors' Perceptions about Learning Five Communication Strategies by Grace Hui Chin Lin

Acculturation level, perceived English fluency, perceived social support level, and depression among Taiwanese international students.: An article from: College Student Journal by Tam K. Dao

Frequency of Occurrence and Ease of Articulation of Sign Language Handshapes: The Taiwanese Example by Jean Ann

Taiwan dian ying, she hui yu guo jia =: Taiwanese Cinema, Society and State (Taiwan dian ying yan jiu cong shu) by Xiancheng Liu

Selected bibliography of Taiwanese studies by Joseph K.-L Lee

The grammar of disjunctive questions in Taiwanese by Shuang-fu Lin

Laî òh tâi gú =: Basic Taiwanese by Ngá-bûn Iûn

A study of Taiwanese adjectives (Xian dai yu yan xue lun cong) by Susie S Cheng

A syntactic and semantic analysis of Taiwanese modality ([Theses for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy - University of Hawaii ; no. 1309 : Linguistics]) by David Chen-ching Li

Spoken Taiwanese by Su-chu Wu

Writing Taiwanese =: Hsia Tʻai yü = Sía Táìgú = Siar Taiguo : the development of modern written Taiwanese (Sino-Platonic papers) by Alvin Lin

Introduction to Chinese characters in Taiwanese by Chen Hsieh Li-ying

Ri zhi shi qi Taiwan dian ying shi =: The history of Taiwanese movies during the Japanese colonization (Ben tu xin shu) by Longyan Ye

A study of Taiwanese adjectives: Taiwan Fujian hua xing rong ci di yan jiu (Monographs on modern linguistics) by Shu-chüan Cheng Hsieh
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