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Official language in: Slovenia

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Messages 3 Workbook with Audio CD Slovenian Edition (Messages) by Meredith Levy

Messages 3 Teacher's Book Slovenian Edition (Messages) by Meredith Levy

The Day Tito Died: Contemporary Slovenian Stories by Drago Jancar

Eastern European 12 Language Phrasebook (Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian and Ukrainian)(Phrasebooks S.) by Thomas Cook Publishing

Business Slovenian Dictionary: English-Slovenian/Slovenian-English (Business Dictionary Series) by Peter Collin Publishing

Join In Activity Book 3 Slovenian Version (Join In) by Günter Gerngross

Bibliography of Slavic Dictionaries; Vol.2: Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech,Kashubian, Lusatian, Old Church Slavic, Macedonian, Polabian,Serbocroatian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian by Richard Lewanski

Makedonsko-slovenecki knizevno-kulturni relacii =: Macedonian-Slovenian literary-cultural relations by Aleksandar Spasov

Messages 4 Workbook with Audio CD Slovenian Edition (Messages) by Meredith Levy

Slovenian-English/English Slovenian Dictionary by Janko Kotnik

Slovenian-English pocket dictionary to facilitate the study of both languages by Victor J Kubelka

Messages 4 Student's Book Slovenian Edition (Messages) by Diana Goodey

Slovenski film in njegovo varovanje: 30 let Slovenskega filmskega arhiva pri Arhivu Republike Slovenije = Slovenian film and its preservation

Visual Dictionary in English & Slovenian by Jean­Claude Corbeil

Linguaphone French Course for Slovenian Speakers Beginner's Course by Linguaphone