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Spoken in: Slovenia

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An outline of Serbo-Croatian nominal morphology, by Charles Everett Bidwell

Tone and accent in standard Serbo-Croatian: With a synopsis of Serbo-Croatian phonology (Schriften der Balkankommission, Linguistische Abteilung, Philosophisch-Historische ... Akademie der Wissenschaften ; 28) by Jadranka Gvozdanovic

Serbo-Croatian by Ludmilla Jasenovic

Coding of Serbo-Croatian nouns for machine translation (Saopstenje) by Gordana Opacic


Spoken Serbo-Croatian: Book I, Units 1-12 (Spoken Serbo-Croatian) by Carleton T. Hodge

Serbo-Croatian for Foreigners/Book 1 by Slavna Babic

Dictionary of Slavic Word Families: 200 Groups of Related Words in Russian, Polish, Czech, and Serbo-Croatian by Louis Jay Herman

Typological studies in Old Serbo-Croatian syntax (Slavistische Forschungen) by L Dezso

Conversa Phone Serbo-Croatian: Language Program With Instruction Manual

Serbo-Croatian Universal Dictionary

A comparative study of general functions of certain Serbo-Croatian and English prepositions (Saopstenje, br. 41. Serija M.P., br. 13) by Gordana Opacic

Introduction to the Serbo-Croatian language by Thomas F Magner

A Contrastive Study of Verbal Aspect in German and Serbo-Croatian (Berkeley Insights in Linguistics and Semiotics) by N. M. Cook

The structure of verse language: Theoretical and experimental research in Russian and Serbo-Croatian syllabo-tonic versification (Slavistische Beitrage) by Christine D Tomei