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Official language in: Mongolia

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Handbook of Chinese Buddhism: Being a Sanskrit-Chinese dictionary of Buddhist terms, words and expressions, with vocabularies of Buddhist terms in Pali, ... Burmese, Tibetan, Mongolian and Japanese by Ernest John Eitel

The Mongolian Monuments in hP'ags-pa script, (Göttinger Asiatische Forschngen) by Nicholas Poppe

Dagur Mongolian grammar, texts, and lexicon;: Based on the speech of Peter Onon (Indiana University publications. Uralic and Altaic series) by Samuel Elmo Martin

A student guide to Khalkha Mongolian pronunciation by Ch Battulga

Mongolian Dictionary Mukaddimat Al-Adab Pts. 1 - 3: Works of the Institute of Oriental Studies, XIV by Nicholas N. Poppe

English-Mongolian dictionary: About 23000 terms & expressions and word combinations by B Bold

Comparative Grammar of the Mongolian Written Language & the Khalkha Dialect: Introduction & Phonetics by B. I. Vladimirtsov

A Buddhist Terminological Dictionary: The Mongolian Mahavyutpatti (Bibliotheca Orientalis Hungarica, Vol 42)

Mongolian Dictionary and Phrasebook by Nicholas Awde

Mongolian vocabulary by Stuart H Buck

Classical Mongolian grammar (The Mongolian project) by Wayne Schlepp

Turkish and Mongolian studies (Prize Publication Fund. [Publications]) by Gerard Clauson

American Council of Learned Societies. Research and studies in Uralic and Altaic languages by Ferd Lessing

Koke sudur (The blue chronicle);: A study of the first Mongolian historical novel by Injannasi, (Asiatische Forschungen) by John G Hangin

Ālikālibijahāram,: Being a Sanskrit-Tibetan-Mongolian abecedarium (Sarasbati Vihara series) by Gemapocupa