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Official language in: Mongolia

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Basic Mongolian

Combined index to the supplements to Lessing's Mongolian-English dictionary by Dennis P Gelpe

The modern Mongolian language (Languages of Asia and Africa) by G. D Sanzheev

Modern written Mongolian reader: With glossary in the traditional script (American Council of Learned Societies. Research and studies in Uralic and Altaic languages. Project) by John G Hangin

An introduction to classical (literary) Mongolian: Introd., grammar, reader, glossary by Kaare Grønbech

Mongolian in Tibetian script (Studia Orientalia) by Charles R Bawden

An index to the written Mongolian words in Vladimirtsov's Comparative Mongolian grammar (Central Asian collectanea) by John Richard Krueger

King Arthasiddhi: A Mongolian translation of "The younger brother Don Yod" ; introduction, transcription with notes and facsimile of the Copenhagen manuscript Mong. 101 (Asiatische Forschungen)

Mongolian-English Dictionary by Ferdina Lessing

Mongolian-English-Russian Dictionary of Legal Terms and Concepts (Studies on socialist legal systems / Faculty of Laws, University College, London) by William Elliott Butler

Siditu kegur-un uliger =: The Mongolian tales of the bewitched corpse : Mongolian text of the 1928 Ulan Bator print (Debter, deb-ther, debtelin)

Mongolian English Dictionary

A Buddhist terminological dictionary: The Mongolian Mahavyutpatti (Asiatische Forschungen)

Buddistische Triglotte =: A Sanskrit-Tibetan-Mongolian glossary : A xylographic print from Mongolia preserved in the Baron Schilling von Canstadt collection by Mahāvyutpatti

Lectures on the grammar of the Mongolian written language: A.D. Rudnev ; translated by A.I. Ward from the Russian original: Lektsii po grammatike mongolskago ... chitannyya v 1903-1904 akadmicheskom godu by Andrei Dmitrievich Rudnev