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Official language in: Macedonia

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A structural description of the Macedonian dialect of Dihovo: Phonology, morphology, texts, lexicon (PdR Press publications on Macedonian ; 2) by B. M Groen

Contemporary Macedonian Poetry

Macedonian Verbal Morphology by Mark J. Elson

Coding the Hypothetical: A Comparative Typology of Russian and Macedonian Conditionals (Studies in Language Companion Series) by Jane F. Hacking

Dijalektite na makedonskiot jazik =: Dialects of the Macedonian language by Bozo Vidoeski

Rozata Od Voda: The Water Rose by Edni Makedonci

Macedonian-English/English-Macedonian Dictionary

Macedonian Multimedia CD-ROM: To Accompany Macedonian: A Course for Beginning and Intermediate Students by Christina E. Kramer

Dictionary English-Macedonian, Macedonian-English =: Recnik anglisko-makedonski, makedonsko-angliski by Dusan Crvenkovski

Contemporary Macedonian poetry

"Frosina"--prviot makedonski igran film: Rezultati od simpoziumot odrzan vo Skopje na 23. maj 1989 godina = "Frosina"--the first Macedonian feature film ... the Symposium, held in Skopje on May 23 1989

Makedonskiot igran film =: Macedonian feature film (Biblioteka Kontraplan) by Miroslav Cepincik

Knizeven kontekst--proniknuvanja pomegu makedonskata i svetskata knizevnost =: Literary context--interlaces between Macedonian and world literature

The song beyond songs: Anthology of contemporary Macedonian poetry

Analytic modality in Macedonian (Slavistische Beitrage) by Christina Elizabeth Kramer