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A practical Samskrita-Kannada dictionary by Cakravarti Śrīnivāsa Gōpālācārya

An elementary grammar of the Kannada, or Canarese language;: In which every word used in the examples is literally translated, and the pronunciation is given in English characters by Thomas Hodson

Studies in Kannada sociolinguistics by Vi Sivananda

A grammar of Kannada: Based on the inscriptions of Coorg, South Kanara, and North Kanara Dts., 1000 to 1400 AD (Department of linguistics publication) by Ke Kuśālappa Gauḍa

Hindi-Kannada common vocabulary (CIIL common vocabulary series) by Susheela P Upadhyaya

A Need Based Course in Kannada for Non Kannada Speaking Bank Officials by B. Mallikarjun

Govinda Pai (Kannada writers and their work) by Venkat Madhurao Inamdar

B. M. Srikantia (Kannada writers and their work) by Es. Vi Ranganna

Kannada: A Cultural Introduction to the Spoken Styles of the Language by William Kccormack

The calf became an orphan: A study in contemporary Kannada fiction by Robert J Zydenbos

The abridged Hindi-Kannada dictionary by M. V Jambunathan

Affricates in Kannada speech and other linguistic papers (CIIL silver jubilee publication series) by T. Nanjundaiya Sreekantaiya

Improving language skills in the mother-tongue: A developmental-cum-experimental bridge course project for college entrants studying through the medium of mother-tongue, Kannada : report by Praful N Dave

Eleventh and twelfth century Kannada literature by H. T Sasnur

A. R. Krishna Shastri (Kannada writers and their work) by K Krishnamoorthy