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Official language in: Iceland

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Old Icelandic heiti in modern Icelandic (University of Iceland publications in linguistics ; 3) by Halldor Halldorsson

The origin of the English, Germanic and Scandinavian languages and nations;: With a sketch of their early literature and short chronological specimens ... time, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish by Joseph Bosworth

Ensk-Islensk Ordabok = English Icelandic Dictionary

The so-called Second grammatical treatise: An orthographic pattern of late thirteenth-century Icelandic (Filologia germanica) by Fabrizio D Raschella

Portable Icelandic by Marianne Holmen

Nordic Glossary of Hydrology: English-Danish-Finnish-Icelandic-Norwegian-Swedish, with Definitions in English

A grammar of the Icelandic or Old Norse tongue, tr. from the Swedish of Erasmus Rask by George Webbe Dasent by Rasmus Rask

A case grammar of verbal predicators in old Icelandic (Goppinger Arbeiten zur Germanistik ; Nr. 271) by Karen C Kossuth

A Reference Grammar of Icelandic by George Carcas

On coarticulation and connected speech processes in Icelandic (Malfræðirannsoknir) by Petur Helgason

Teach yourself books by P. J. T. Glendening

The phonology of modern Icelandic, by Kemp Malone

On complementation in Icelandic (Outstanding dissertations in linguistics) by Hoskuldur Thrainsson

English-Icelandic pocket dictionary =: Ensk-íslensk vasaorðabók by Sævar Hilbertsson

Islandische Konjugationstabellen =: Icelandic conjugation tables by Christine Jorg