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Modern colloquial Hindustani, by J. R. Abdul Hakim

Everybody's vocabulary: English-Malay-Hindustani-Hokkien and Nipponese by Mehta Prithvi Chand

A textbook of Urdu in the roman script, by John Willatt

A grammar of the Hindi language;: In which are treated the standard Hindí, Braj, and the Eastern Hindí of the Rámáyan of Tulsí Dás, also the ... etc.; with copious philological notes by Samuel H Kellogg

A grammar of the three principal Oriental languages, Hindoostanee, Persian, and Arabic, on a plan entirely new, and perfectly easy by William Price

A dictionary, Hindūstānī and English, and English and Hindūstānī,: The latter being entirely new by John Shakespear

A practical Hindūstānī grammar by Arthur Octavius Green

A vocabulary, English, Persian and Hindoostanee: Chiefly compiled and designed for the use of families by Charles Egan

The tourists companion: Multilingual phrase book by G. C Azariah

A detailed analysis of Abdul Ghafur's dictionary of the terms used by criminal tribes in the Panjab by G. W Leitner

The new century English-Urdu dictionary, pronouncing and literary: Containing a copious vocabulary, with numerous "idiotisms" and phrases and literary illustrations by R. R Whyte

Saranami byakarana =: Sarnami byakaran : een elementaire grammatica van het Sarnami by R. M Marhe

The stranger's infallible East-Indian guide,: Or Hindoostanee multum in parvo, as a grammatical compendium of the grand, popular, and military language ... called the Moors or Moorish jargon.) by John Borthwick Gilchrist

Oriental penmanship;: An essay for facilitating the reading and writing of the Ta'līk character, as generally used in the East in Persian and Hindūstānī ... with explanatory notes and observations by Duncan Forbes

A dictionary of Mohammedan law, Bengal revenue terms, Shanscrit, Hindoo, and other words, used in the East Indies, with full explanations... To which is added, an appendix by S Rousseau