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Commercial Hindustani: A collection of practical commercial phrases with a vocabulary of useful terms in English and Hindustani by Jwala Nath

Annotated glossary to the Urdū roz-marra;: The text-book for the examination by the lower standard in Hindustani by Muḥammad Yūsuf Jaʻfarī

Tourist's and student's manual of languages;: Including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Polish, ... Persian, Hindustani, Chinese, Japanese; by Charles Slack

The new royal dictionary,: English into Hindustani and Hindustani into English; by Thomas Craven

A manual of colloquial Hindustani and Bengali in the roman character, by N. C Chatterjee

Hindustani muhavre by Muhammad Hasan

Muntak̲h̲abāt-i-hindī: Or, Selections in Hindustani: with verbal translations or particular vocabularies, and a grammatical analysis of some parts, for the use of students of that language by John Shakespear

Simplified grammar of Hindustani, Persian and Arabic (Trubner's collection of simplified grammars of the principal Asiatic and European languages) by Edward Henry Palmer

A grammar of the Hindustani language, 1796 (English linguistics, 1500-1800; a collection of facsimile reprints) by John Borthwick Gilchrist

Abdulmajid Daryabadi (Hindustani adab ke mimar) by Salim Qidvai

An abridged English-Hindustani law and commercial dictionary: Of words and phrases used in civil, criminal, revenue, and mercantile affairs; comprising ... words and phrases of the larger dictionary by S. W Fallon

A vocabulary, English, Burmese, Hindustani & Tamil, in English characters, with the Burmese also in the native letters: To which are added a few sentences ... familiar with the languages spoken in Burma by William Henry Begbie

Hindustani grammar, by Moolchand Saihgal

A dictionary, Hindustani & English: Accompanied by a reversed dictionary, English and Hindustani by Duncan Forbes

Domestic Hindustani,: A simplified and abridged grammar of simple colloquial Hindustani, by D. C Phillott