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Official language in: Haiti

Spoken in: Bahamas, Belize, Guyana, Mauritius

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Diksyone Kreyol Angle (Creole-English Dictionar Y) by Fequiere Vilsaint

Early Suriname Creole texts: A collection of 18th century Sranan and Saramaccan documents (Bibliotheca Ibero-Americana) by Jacques Perl, Matthias Arends

Dictionnaire d'expressions creoles par mots by Benjamin Moise

Contact Languages: Pidgins and Creoles

Pidgins and Creoles: Current Trends and Prospects by David De Camp

English Haitian-Creole Science Dictionary by Fequiere Vilsaint

Idiomaticity in the Basic Writing of American English: Formulas and Idioms in the Writing of Multilingual and Creole-Speaking Community College Students in Hawaii (Studies in Ethnolinguistics, Vol. 2) by Marion Okawa Sonomura

Haitian Creole-English/English-Haitian Creole Compact Dictionary (Compact)

Petit glossaire creole by Jules Benard

Presencia criolla en el Caribe y America Latina =: Creole presence in the Caribbean and Latin America

Grammaire de la langue cap-verdienne: Etude descriptive et comprehensive du creole afro-portugais des Iles du Cap-Vert by Nicolas Quint

The Genesis of Discourse Grammar: Universals and Substrata in Guyanese, Hawaii Creole English by Hirokuni Masuda

Creoles et enseignement du francais: Francais, creolisation, creoles et francais marginaux : problemes d'apprentissage, d'enseignement des langues et d'amenagement ... espaces creolophones (Espaces francophones) by Robert Chaudenson

Verb Phrase Patterns in Black English and Creole by Walter F. Edwards

Les Creoles francais (Collection Langues en question ; 2) by Robert Chaudenson