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An English-vernacular dictionary of the Bantu-Botatwe dialects of Northern Rhodesia, by J Torrend

A grammar of Luvale (Bantu grammatical archives) by Alonzo E Horton

A classified vocabulary of the Pare language (Bantu vocabulary series) by Ryohei Kagaya

A language-study based on Bantu;: Or, An inquiry into the laws of root-formation, the original plural, the sexual dual, and the principles of word-comparison; ... in the African Bantu family of speech by F. W Kolbe

Bantu lexical reconstructions (Archives d'anthropologie) by A. E Meeussen

Contributions to the history of Bantu linguistics: Papers by Clement Martyn Doke

Bantu word division: A new study of an old problem (Memorandum - International African Institute) by Malcolm Guthrie

Bantu literature ; The influence of English on Bantu literature by Davidson D. T Jabavu

Die Prafixnasale im Benue-Congo und im Kwa: Versuch einer Widerlegung der Hypothese von der Nasalinnovation des Bantu (Sprache und Oralitat in Afrika) by Gudrun Miehe

Introduction to the phonology of the Bantu languages: Being the English version of "Grundriss einer Lautlehre der Bantusprachen" by Carl Meinbof

Verbalmorphologie und Nebenpradikationen im Bantu: Eine Studie zur funktional motivierten Genese eines konjugationalen Subsystem (Bochum-Essener Beitrage zur Sprachwandelforschung) by Tom Guldemann

Leksicheskaia semantika imeni sushchestvitelnogo v iazykakh bantu by I. N Toporova

Linguistic analysis;: The non-Bantu languages of North-Eastern Africa, (Handbook of African languages) by Archibald Norman Tucker

Bukusu generative phonology and aspects of Bantu structure (Annales : Serie in-8o : Sciences humaines - Musee royal de l'Afrique centrale ; no. 85) by Kornelis Frans de Blois

Substitutiv und Possessiv im Bantu (Mainzer Afrika-Studien) by Leo Stappers