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Internal and external inconsistencies in Malcolm Guthrie's "Comparative Bantu" (I,1) and other works: A preliminary critique of the Guthrie hypothesis ... University College, Nairobi ; no. 2) by J. C Sharman

The African and the cinema,: An account of the work of the Bantu educational cinema experiment during the period March 1935 to May 1937, by Leslie Alan Notcutt

A sociolinguistic study: The Bantu language groups of the Kenya coastal area by Roger Van Otterloo

Do the Bantu have a literature? (ISMA paper) by P. D Beuchat

Inzuzo (The Bantu treasury ; 7) by Samuel Edward Krune Mqhayi

Outline grammar of Bantu (Communication / Department of African Languages, Rhodes University) by Clement Martyn Doke

Literature for the South African Bantu: A comparative study of Negro achievement; report of a visit to the United States of America under the auspices ... Corporation (Carnegie visitors' reports) by Robert H. W Shepherd

A sociolinguistic profile of the Mt Kenya Bantu languages by Ronald J Sim

A study of giTonga of Inhambane (Bantu linguistic studies) by L. W Lanham

Essays in Bantu language studies (Working paper / Department of African Languages, Rhodes University)

Bantu literature and life by Robert H. W Shepherd

English Vernacular Dictionary of the Bantu Botatwe Dialect of Northern Rhodesia by J. Torrend

A language-study based on Bantu;: Or, An inquiry into the laws of root-formation, the original plural, the sexual dual, and the principles of word-comparison; by F. W Kolbe

The origin of the Bantu: A preliminary study by Joan Frederik van Oordt

Kongo proverbs and the origins of Bantu wisdom by Mukumbuta Lisimba