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Specimens of Bantu Folk-lore from Northern Rhodesia;: Texts (Collected with the Help of the Phonograph) and English Translations by J. Torrend

Autosegmental Studies in Bantu Tone (Publications in African languages and linguistics) by George N. Clements

A comparative study of the Bantu and semi-Bantu languages, by Harry Hamilton Johnston

Bantu classificatory criteria towards a critical examination and comparison of the language taxonomies of Doke and Guthrie (Communication - Department of African Languages, Rhodes University ; no. 3) by Derek Fivaz

Aspects of Complementation in Three Bantu Languages by Carolyn Harford Perez

The southern Bantu languages, by Clement Martyn Doke

A classified vocabulary of the Nilamba language (Bantu vocabulary series) by Yasutoshi Yukawa

Vocabulario congo: El bantu que se habla en Cuba : espanol-congo y congo-espanol (Coleccion del chichereku) by Lydia Cabrera

Issues in Bantu tonology (Grammatische Analysen afrikanischer Sprachen)

Linguistic Survey of the Northern Bantu Borderland: Volume Two by Irvine Richardson

Les Bantu: Langues, peuples, civilisations by Theophile Obenga

Kategorii vida, vremeni i nakloneniia v iazykakh bantu by I. S Aksenova

Some aspects of the teaching of Zulu at university level;: Inaugural address delivered on appointment to the chair of Bantu languages, (University College ... Publications. Series 1: Inaugural addresses) by J. D. N Lotz

A grammar of central Karanga, the language of old Monomotapa as at present spoken in central Mashonaland, Southern Rhodesia, ("Bantu studies" ... Supplement) by Francisque A Marconnès

Problems of typology in the classification of the non-Bantu languages of north-eastern Africa (African and Asian studies seminar series) by Archibald Norman Tucker