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Spoken in: Angola

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The Bantu Languages (Routledge Language Family) by Nurse/Philoppso

Eliments de Phonologie Et de Morphophonologie Des Langues Bantu (Serie Pedagogique de L'Institut de Linguistique de Louvain) by C. Faik-Nzuji Madiya

Bantu Languages (Routledge Language Family Series, 4) by Derek Nurse

Continuity and divergence in the Bantu languages: Perspectives from a lexicostatistic study (Annalen. Menswetenschappen = Annales. Sciences humaines) by Yvonne Bastin

Bantu Historical Linguistics: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives (Center for the Study of Language and Information - Lecture Notes)

Comparative Bantu: An Introduction to the comparative linguistics and prehistory of the Bantu languages by Malcolm Guthrie

The Manenguba Languages (Bantu A. 15, Mbo Cluster) of Cameroon by Robert Hedinger

Comparative lexical study of Sumerian and Ntu ("Bantu");: Sumerian, the "Sanscrit" of the African Ntu languages by Willibald Wanger

The Comparative Phonetics of the Suto-Chuana Group of Bantu Languages by Archibald Norman Tucker

The classification of the Bantu languages by Malcolm Guthrie

Bantu wisdom by J. T Milimo

Collected Papers on Bantu Linguistics by Malcolm Guthrie

Notes on form and structure in Bantu speech (Memorandum - International African Institute) by E. O Ashton

A language-study based on Bantu (The Black heritage library collection) by F. W Kolbe

A comparative study of Bantu noun classes (Orientalia et Africana Gothoburgensia) by J. F Maho
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