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Spoken in: Iraq

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Introductory Assyrian Grammar by Samuel A. B. Mercer

First Steps In Assyrian: A Book For Beginners; Being A Series Of Historical, Mythological, Religious, Magical, Epistolary And Other Texts Printed In Cuneiform Characters by Leonard William King

An Assyrian Grammar, for Comparative Purposes by Archibald Henry Sayce

Assyrian Dictionary: Intended to further the study of the cuneiform inscriptions of Assyria and Babylonia. Part 2 by Edwin Norris

Oraham's dictionary of the stabilized and enriched Assyrian language and English by Alexander Joseph Oraham

Beginner's Assyrian (Beginner's (Foreign Language)) by David G. Lyon

An Adventure of Great Dimension: The Launching of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society) (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society) by Erica Reiner

Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago (Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the Universe) (Assyrian Dictionary ... of the Oriental Institute of the Univers) by A. Leo Oppenheim

Assyrian dictionary

Rulers of Babylonia: From the Second Dynasty of Isin to the End of Assyrian Domination (1157-612 Bc) by Grant Frame

Assyrian Rulers of the Third and Second Millennia Bc (Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia, Assyrian Periors, Vol 1) by Albert Kirk Grayson

Popular Dictionary of Assyrian and Babylonian Terminology: A Popular Handbook of Useful and Interesting Information for Beginners in the Elementary Study of Assyriology by F. C. Norton

Lectures upon the Assyrian Language, and Syllabary: Delivered to the Students of the Archaic Classes by Archibald Henry Sayce

Old Akkadian writing and grammar (Materials for the Assyrian dictionary) by Ignace J Gelb

Assyrian Rulers of the Early First Millennium B.C.: II (858-745 Bc) (Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia Assyrian Period) by Albert Kirk Grayson
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